Where beauty meets impact.

Inspired by the landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, textile designer Aidai Asangulova fuses together soft silk and wool felt, weaving tradition with technology, to create her one-of-a-kind scarves.

  • 87+ Lives Impacted

    AIDAI, working with our team,  employs 25 master artisans and others and supports their families –   more than 125 people.

  • $ 219,000+ Support to community

    With micro-loans, grants, earned income, trainings, and events, we drive finance to partners.

  • Valuable Heritage Preservation

    Purchase of AIDAI scarves is direct support to heritage preservation and cultural diversity, which is vital to the sustainability of global society. 

Our Story

The daughter of a traditional yurt-maker and granddaughter of a famous maker  of felt rugs,  designer Aidai Asangulova is carrying on their ancient felt-making traditions in a completely new way.  While attending art school in Bishkek, she developed a technique for fusing silk and wool to make unusual yurt decorations.  This was the seed for the process she has invented to  create one-of-a-kind textiles.  Her technique opened the door to intricate, highly controlled patterns using these materials,  inspired by  her love for the colors and patterns of nature. After the collapse of the Soviet Union,  Aidai formed Studio Bukon to share these beautiful textiles and to train and support master artisans.  Like   their grandmothers before them, these women  are inventing something new for a changing world.  They are continuing  the history-making  cultural exchange  of the Silk Road with  women who appreciate pure beauty.  Check out our designs here and on our Instagram pages and, if you’re feeling creative,  you can make your own bespoke, keepsake scarf  with our talented masters.

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