Vista 360 Silk and Felt: Adventurous Beauty

Adventurous Beauty

Wear something unexpected today….  Adventure comes in many forms, from fanciful to audacious, but it always offers a startling sense of freedom.  An adventurous spirit explores the world, seeks out new possibilities, experiments with something new and different.

Our model, Ann, lives in Jackson Hole but wanders the world.  Ann’s adventurous spirit has taken her to remote corners of the world to join in the defense of wildlife.  She’s been involved in the protection of elephants in Kenya and in the defense of grizzlies and wolves in Jackson Hole.   She is legendary for her tireless exploration of the wild world and her love for the creatures that live there.  Adventure + commitment = Ann.

P.S.  She also helps to rescue dogs in danger from all parts of the U.S.   And she likes people, too!  And our beautiful, handmade scarves.

Have a look at the Queenie Red silk and red felt. This generously-sized wrap (24” wide and 84” long)  is one of a kind.  Handmade, the piece instantly brings the person wearing it to an  imaginative place of new possibilities.
Like all works from our Artisan Support program, this delivers:

• The cultural wonders of the Silk Road

• Concrete contributions to re-building and sustainability

• Intentional fashion

• Tradition and Innovation combined


2020 has been a year of unprecedented change for so many of us. We love the vast emotions, and of course the prominent red scarf of the heroine, in this timeless painting.  "Ford Madox Brown’s The Last of England explores the psychological and emotional hardships faced by emigrants and people going through change. This is a Brown masterpiece. Emigration is not an easy choice and tackles feelings of loss and fear, but also change and hope. This is an epic journey." Read more about the wonderful painting here.

Vista 360 celebrates Ford Madox Brown

We aim to help women artisans on their own epic journeys.

Purchase of this scarf supports the Vista 360° 501c3 Artisan Support program and the women artisans in the network that connect our modern life to timeless tradition. These unique items are wearable art and a personal statement that shows we believe in the importance of connection, acceptance and equality during these transformative times.