About us

We are a nonprofit organization which enables talented women designers in emerging economies connect with the global marketplace.  We work to close the “opportunity gap” by helping to overcome barriers to business growth in these regions.

We envision a world in which people feel closely connected to one another through design and recognize their interdependence in every facet of life; a world in which talented, committed people from poor regions of the world have the same opportunities -- and possibilities for Great Good Luck -- as their colleagues in the wealthy regions of the world; and a world in which everyone has an opportunity to make contributions toward creating a better future by buying, wearing, enjoying and appreciating beautiful, hand-made things.

We believe sustainable economic growth, fueled by locally-owned small and mid-sized businesses, is the best way to bring stability and prosperity to poor regions of the world. We focus exclusively on women-owned businesses producing the highest quality products because we know improving the status of women has far-reaching benefits in every society.  

We work primarily with designers in Kyrgyzstan. We provide business consultation  on international marketing and business development.  We also serve as brand and sales representatives for our designers in North America and Europe. 

Our designers are visionaries, and thought leaders in their home communities in Kyrgystan. Their works represent a blend of local tradition with contemporary inspiration.