The 2016 US Kok Boru Cowboy Team

The 2016 US Kok Boru Cowboy Team


All the members of the US Cowboy Kok Boru team are experienced riders who enjoy competing. They have been selected for their ability to ride in a demanding game and their eagerness to learn about nomadic cultures. They are all dedicated to accurately representing the culture of the American West at the Games. They are a multi-talented and diverse group of young men with athletic stamina and a love of adventure.

BryantBRENDAN BRYANT: Brendan Bryant was born and raised in Buffalo Valley, Wyoming. He spent his childhood with friends and family in the backcountry, hiking, camping and skiing as well as horseback riding and hunting. After graduating from the University of Wyoming, he moved overseas in 2012. He has lived and worked with an international ministry in East Asia for the past four years, is proficient in Mandarin Chinese and is now studying for a Masters degree in international business.


CreedCREED GARNICK: Creed was born on a ranch in Wyoming and has been riding from his earliest years. He has rodeoed, pack tripped and explored the wilds on horseback. Creed is also an accomplished actor, starring on Broadway and now producing his own films. He graduated from Juilliard in New York City, but always keeps Wyoming his home.


Sky GarnickSKY GARNICK: Born and raised in Wyoming, Sky grew up on a ranch and has ridden horses all his life. He is a visual artist and world traveler, searching the globe for connection, experience and insight.  He is also an accomplished basketball player.   He resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where his family owns and operates the Jackson Hole Playhouse.


billyBILLY MAGNUSSEN: Billy is an American actor. He was born in Woodhaven, Queens, New York and graduated from the North Carolina School of the Arts. He has starred in award-winning plays on Broadway and appeared in many films and TV series.  He is also a guitarist and songwriter. Billy loves the outdoors, pushing his body and traveling.  He has also worked at the Triangle C Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming.

Brock HarrisBROCK HARRIS: Brock is a cowboy, actor and director from Oklahoma. Brock practices martial arts and is trained to compete in jujitsu and wrestling. Brock loves getting outdoors and back to his roots. The short film, The Last Hunt, produced by Brock, was highlighted at the Sundance Film Festival. 

TJ Moulton TJ MOULTON: TJ is 6th generation Jackson Hole native. He grew up next to the famous Moulton barn that is photographed across the world in front of the Tetons. TJ is a fly fishing guide, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and pack trips. He has traveled and worked in Costa Rica, but always returns home to the mountains. 

MAX SNOW: Maxwell Snow currently lives in Wyoming and has played polo for many years. He is an American artist born in New York City and educated at the London College of Communication. He is known for his signature black and white photographs, in which beauty, fantasy, mortality, Americana, and the metaphysical are all recurring themes. His work has been exhibited internationally.

ScottSCOTT ZIMMERMAN: Originally from the state of Michigan, Scott moved to the West at the age of 20.  He began riding horses while attending Northwestern Oklahoma State University where he studied Political Science.  Following college, Scott moved to Wyoming to work for the Triangle C Ranch where he met and married his wife Rachaell, with whom he has four children, ages 2 to 10. He enjoys hunting, fishing and taking pack trips into the mountains of western Wyoming. 

Photographer, Film/Video 

VanessaVANESSA GARNICK: Vanessa was born on a ranch in Wyoming, the eldest of 8 children. She is a travel guide, film producer and writer. She has lived the past 11 years in Panama, but always returns to the mountains. Vanessa was a host for Animal Planet, and she loves guiding adventures, playing with her sons and exploring what this world has to offer.