Dispatches from The Team

Dispatches from The Team

By: Vanessa Garnick Boshoff 


Kyrgyzstan is a place of rugged magic, filled with high mountain peaks, rolling pastures and colorful people. There is a sense of familiarity for those from Wyoming, the brisk bite in the air and the elevation that breeds the same kind of people. The kind of people who love the land, who live their life on the back of a horse exploring the wild backcountry.

To visit Kyrgyzstan is like going back in time, lawlessness and to when a sense of freedom reigned. The games, the herders and the nomadic lifestyle gives a taste of what the Rocky Mountains must have been like before fences and highways took over.

The American Kok Baru team took in a breath of this new frontier and filled their lungs with courage and excitement as they (literally) took the goat by the horns. This is going to be a great adventure.

The camp at the 2016 World Nomad Games

2016 World Nomad Games Jackson Wyoming Cowboy Images